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Chi Machine Reviews

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If there is one medium that tends to baffle different scientific logic, despite the fact that it has been under observation since the beginning of time, it is the human body. As magnificent as it is engineered to be, it still holds several secrets and mysteries as yet to be discovered. The even more bizarre phenomena engulfing the human body is its natural ability to heal itself. This is where the ancient beliefs of chakras and vibrations help us understand and combat several health related issues, including persisting aches and spinal problems.

There exist several natural therapies like vibrational healing, which promotes better blood flow, increased oxygen levels, detoxification and better body alignment. The most common assumption about such therapies is that either they are too expensive or are just unreachable. However, that is certainly not the case. If you want to experience the goodness of vibrational healing, all you need to do is get yourself a Chi Machine.

But finding the right chi machine is not as easy as you think. With numerous models flooding the market, here are the most popular 5 chi machines of 2017.

The 5 Best Rated Chi Machines 2018

Name Editor Rating
Chi Vitalizer Machine 10/10 Check Price
Sunpentown Healthy Swing Machine 9/10 Check Price
Swing Master Deluxe 9/10 Check Price
U.S. Jaclean's Vitality Swing 8/10 Check Price
Kneading Fingers Massager 8/10 Check Price

Read these chi machine reviews to find out more about each product in detail:

1. Chi Vitalizer Machine-USJ106

chi vitalizer machineThe Chi Vitalizer stands as the most popular choice out of the bunch, due to a number of reasons. It’s sturdy design, wide body and features such as speed control have proven to make it more efficient in providing comfort, ease and relief from aches, all while providing a chance to aid mobility as well. Having used it personally and seeing feedback from hundreds of customers, the Chi Vitalizer is regarded as the most durable heavy-duty, professional grade original chi machine. If budget is not a problem, this is the best quality chi machine for you.

Jumping straight to its features, the machine is specifically designed to give comfort to those suffering from back aches and severe fibromyalgia. This best rated chi machine makes use of elliptical motion pattern that creates vibration from toe to head. It’s physical composition consists of a sturdy yet comfortable ankle base, with soft ankle pads to provide support and better stimulation. The machine can be started with the push of a button, while the speed can be changed according to one’s preference from the control dial. The machine has the ability to time itself and shut off after 15 minutes of operation and allows around 90-150 rpm .

The Chi Vitalizer due to its heavy 15 lb weight and broad design is ideal for the heavy-weighted users as it will give their ankles the proper support, while they lay down and make use of those vibrations flowing through their bodies. Also, the control dial is attached to the machine with a 48-inch long cord, which means you can easily adjust the speed without having to change your position.

The key feature of the vitalizer lies in its 90-150 rpm of movement range, which is adequate enough to promote circulation, relieve tension, and even burn calories, all at the same time. The swinging motion creates the “Chi” movement, which detoxifies the body, strengthens the spinal muscles, relaxes nerve endings and also aids the digestive function of the body.

2. Sunpentown Healthy Swing Machine

Sunpentown Best Chi MachineIf you aren’t into the heavier chi machines, then the Sunpentown’s Healthy Swing Machine can be a good suggestion for you. The machine is compact, quick and highly user friendly. It generates the same motion as other chi machines without breaking the bank.  With just 12 lbs of weight, you can carry this chi machine around with you any where, which is a major plus point especially if you tend to suffer from pulled nerves and leg muscles.

To start with its features, it should be noted that the machine does justice to the price tag it comes in. With a easy set-up and remote that can control its speed, you will have a lot of ease of your side. The machine is capable of producing 95-175 rpm (rotations per minute), meaning that you can instantly feel the positive vibrations flowing in your body. With an auto timer of 5-30 minutes, you have complete control of how much of oscillations and so, by selecting the speed of your choice from the 14 different speeds provided to you, you can do whatever you want with this machine.

Another feature which acts as a positive add-on is the swivel disc which comes along with this chi machine. While most people consider the swivel disc to be unnecessary, it can actually help you a lot with motion transfer and especially if you have tender feet.

After a long tiring day at work, or even after a long journey, if you are prone to suffer from back and nerve problems like that of sciatica, this machine can provide you with instant relief, while relaxing your body and rejuvenating your core muscles. After you are done with your chi session, you can make use of the swivel disc to stand and move and you will feel your feet, legs and back all in sync with one another. For some extra comfort, you can always cover the machine with a thick quilt or thin layer of foam and have the most relaxing time straight away.

3. Swing Master Deluxe Chi Machine

Swing Master Deluxe Chi Machine ReviewsSome people are all about the deluxe model. When it comes to Chi machines, deluxe usually attributes to deluxe comfort and the swing master’s USJ201 stands as a good example. There are several features that make this the epitome of comfort- from its design to its control and auto-timer, everything about the USJ201 will make you a big fan.

Like every other chi machine, the USJ201 has a sturdy appearance, but if you were to place your ankles on this one, you will love the feel of those padded vinyl ankle cradle, which would also seem to provide you with better support. With decent dimension you won’t have that big incline that puts extra pressure on your knees. The machine can be controlled via a speed control dial, which is connected directly to the machine. The same dial also provides you with variation of speed falling within the 55-180 rpm range. The auto-timer makes one average session of this massage to be of 15 minutes, which is more than enough.

Elderly people, and those who can’t walk around or exercise a lot can take a lot of advantage from perfect chi machine. It doesn’t require any effort on behalf of the user and provides great speed, great control and makes sure that the blood circulation is fast in your feet and slows down as you go upwards. Since our feet take a lot of beating and most of the toxins get dumped there, with little or no movement, different aches start to originate.  This model does not only help the toxins to be expelled, but has help many users achieve better mobility. Plus, the small angle between the floor and the feet cradled up makes it ideal for people with chronic back aches, as the oscillations cause different components of the spine to align with one another better.

4. U.S. Jaclean Vitality Swing

U.S. Jaclean Vitality SwingWhile all machines discussed above appear to do the same thing, what we misunderstand is that any kind of chi machine can help us maintain that pain-relief equilibrium in the body. However, this is not true. Some machines are basic while some are designed to work for severe repairs. The U.S Jaclean Vitality Swing is surely one of those professional chi machines that are used to deal with bigger damages and provide the soothing chi healing. It’s not your ordinary chi machine and is a bit expensive but definitely worth it.

Starting with its physical composition, the machine carries a 18 lbs weight. The size of the machine is kept in correspondence with the heavy duty motor installed in. The dimensions and power of this machines makes it compatible for people who fall on the heavy-to-obese side of the weight balance. Secondly, for more support and comfort, the ankle cradle is made out of vinyl along with extra padding. There exist different speed variations ranging from 90-150 rpm, which can be controlled via a remote control attached to the machine. With 15 minute auto-timer, one can get the best of chi treatment with this U.S Jaclean model.

Speaking about its impact, users of this range have reported relief from aches, strains and different nerve blockages which have persisted over decades. This machine is seen being used excessively too cure cases of neuralgia, which involve passive movements to enable damaged nerves to rejuvenate and much more. Other than this, you can also expect better overall blood circulation, more detoxification, better digestion and a much more relaxed body, all this after a 15-min session on the U.S Jaclean Vitality Swing.

5. Kneading Fingers Professional Massager

Kneading Shaistu MassagerNO. It’s not a chi machine but a kneading shiatsu massager can serve as an all rounder for one. While the chi massager has its fair share of advantages, the kneading massager can fulfill your demands by taking up massaging a little notch up.

As the name suggests, it doesn’t make use of oscillations or vibrations. Instead it makes use of a kneading like motion, just as that if someone is massaging with their thumbs. This motion is quick and point oriented which makes the tension melt away quickly. So even you have a sore muscle, a nerve blockage or just plain stress, this massager can really help you calm down.

The following machine can be used on your back, shoulder and even under the ankles- just like in the position of chi machine. The movement will soothe the pain, create similar movements that promote better blood flow and relaxation. In fact, the massage done by this machine is effective in dealing with chronic pains at the back of the neck, as the deep tissue massage speeds up the whole process of rejuvenation.

With the option to experiment more, utilize different positions and areas, you can make your whole body a source of flexibility and fluidity. So in case you crave a good massage at the end of the day or have thought about getting those huge massage chair, here’s a little-yet-powerful massager for you that is sure to serve you for a long time.

What is a Chi Machine

Chi machines are therapeutic massagers which work by imitating the movements that make up the goldfish exercise. The way the goldfish wags itself to swim has been employed in several Japanese practices, due to its immense benefits. The Chi machine, just like that, follows the same principle. It was developed and first manufactured in 1988 by Keiichi Ohashi, engineer and president of a Japanese company named Skylite Industry. The machine was originally named as Sun Harmony and then later on, it was changed to Sun Ancon.

Here is how the original Sun Ancon Chi Machine works:


With your feet elevated and placed on the footrest as your body rests on the ground, the machine moves in an oscillating motion which cause the lower body to move like a goldfish. These movements ensure better blood circulation, causing more oxygen to be absorbed in the blood stream and removal of toxins. The vibratory motion with proper support are quite beneficial for spinal alignment as well and have been known to rejuvenate blocked nerve endings too. This passive form of exercise has proven its worth by aiding people and helping them recover from limited immobility, pain and swelling.

With the best ones discussed in great detail above, and now that you know what sort of action you can expect from different Chi machines, let’s address the next question in your mind. Is it really worth it? Are there any benefits that a person can extract from such machines? Let’s find out.

Chi Machine Benefits

Because the human body depends on motions and the chi machine is a passive form of introducing motion into the body, it is actually quite beneficial, especially when it comes to the lymphatic system. Here are the benefits of a good chi machine:

Gain Strength and More Control

If you have ever encountered an accident which has left you bed-ridden, you will understand the agony involved in learning to perform basic actions like walking, lifting and even just sitting comfortably. The chi machine involves swing like motion while supporting your ankles, and all one has to do is lay on the ground. The motion and movement of the machine not only help the nerves to relax but such soothing rotations also allows better blood circulation, which speeds up the healing and recovery process. Think of it as a catalyst which speeds up the recovery process.

Mode of Effortless Exercise

While this is often debated on, chi machines induce such movements in the body that are categorized as passive form of exercise. People belonging to the elder age bracket or those who are suffering from severe conditions like arthritis and neuralgia usually have difficulty in doing exercise. Hence, chi machines give them the same form of movements, to give them a head start or at least help till their bodies gain enough strength.

Stimulation of the Lymphatic System

Since the lymphatic system is not controlled by the mere pumping of our heart, it usually involves vibrations and movements, the Chi machine is a blockage buster in this regard. Due to gravity, our bodies dump all the liquid and toxins to the feet and legs, and most often due to either lack of movement these toxins tend to retain themselves in that area. What happens is a gradual build-up of toxins in the body with no way out, plus with no apparent detoxification illness can prevail. This is the reason we tend to feel more sick if we don’t move in illness. The chi massager stimulates the blood flow and the body, starting with the more stronger vibrations near the ankle, which cause more blood to circulate and be detoxified.

Perfect Way to Relax

After a tiring day at work, nothing can make you more comfortable then the Chi massager itself. You can take benefit of it by variating your position on the ground, such as by lifting your arms up or placing them flat on the ground or maybe supporting your knees with a cushion. All these variation can make you experience different sensations and over all relaxation.

Just be sure to not over-do the chi massage, there’s a reason for why the auto-timer is set to 15-20 mins max. Plus after one session, do not immediately get up. It would do more harm then good. Stay in your position for about 15-20 minutes or till the time you feel the tingling sensation has left your body. And if you are new to the Chi-workout, gradually build your pace and time. Usually, people are too stressed to even enjoy the chi energy channeling in their bodies. That’s why it is advised to take smaller sessions and rpm, and then gradually increase both as per requirement or need.

Are there Any Side Effects of Chi Machine?

Actually no, but excess of everything is poison. As mentioned above, if proper instructions are not followed, then the chi massager would just be a waste of time. Eastern medicine regards all illness to be caused by some form of blockage, and the chi machine is the solution to remove those blockages for good, through natural movements. Due to its natural state, there aren’t any adverse side effects involved.

However, chi massagers should not be used as an alternative to medicine. To really benefit from it, you need to use the chi massager machines gradually and over time, as it is a passive form of healing. But with patience and persistence, you can be sure to see the positive impact. It should also be noted here that they can speed up your recovery process, but issues involving the spinal index need to be dealt by trained professionals. The Chi massager will, however, help you provide comfort, relief and heal you in all physical forms of injuries too.

Do Chi Machines Really Work?

Every time you sustain an injury that affects your body deeply, there are usually two phases to it- the initial pain and treatment and the long-term effects. While the immediate treatment itself is a long task, the aftermath can be even harder to cure, let alone maintain. The reason to this slow permanent recovery is the blockage and overall poor performance of the body. For instance, to cure a headache, you take medication. The medicine works but the toxins remain in the body. To help get rid of such by-products, there exist chi machines, which with their well-researched movements and study of different exercises, have been formulated to provide better circulation, detoxification, removal of blockage and overall positive repairing of the body. Not just this, these machines are widely used to relief one from stress too, after all, all it involves is one laying on their back as their ankles are cradled and the body is moved like a goldfish’s tail.

So in case there has been some old aches that don’t tend to go away, a long problem of tender feet or maybe you need some relief from the physical and mental stress, make sure to pull out your chi machine and give it a try. And in case you don’t own one yet, let’s just say that immense satisfaction awaits you. Don’t let it pass.

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Jesse says December 15, 2017

Looking to buy a chi machine for my dad and I have heard that the original Sun Anchon Chi machine invented and clinically researched and studied by Dr Inoue, is calibrated at the perfect vibration rate which produces the benefits. Any variation in the speed can allow from no benefits to actually damaging yourself. Has there been any research done involving these other chi machines and what is your opinion on the belief that it needs to be the exact speed and dimensions of the original to be of benefit?

    Young Meagher says December 15, 2017

    Hi Jesse,
    I haven’t personally used Sun Anchon, so can’t comment on it. But talking about other Chi Machines, most of them allow you to control speed which means you can run it at your own pace. For example, Chi Vitalizer Machine. Start for a short duration and at a slow speed, then monitor results and adjust accordingly.
    Hope this helps.

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