Best Duvet Inserts 2018: Goose Down and Down Alternative Comforter Reviews

best duvet inserts down alternative comforter reviews

Are you looking for the best duvet inserts to keep you cozy and warm?

After years of research and wasting time and money, I’ve finally found the ones that are best and will keep up to your expectations. These goose down and down alternative comforter reviews will help you make the right choice and own some of the best duvets in the world.

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Now I know how everything seems to be “crucial” and “important” when it comes to bedding, but duvets are the deal breaker. This part of the bedding is supposed to cover you and make you feel warm and cozy (without the unnecessary toasty feeling). But here comes the difficult part- settling for a duvet that has higher tog ratings means that you will be tossing and sweating throughout the summer season, while settling for a lighter one will bring the fall season chills way much earlier to bed.

Not just this if you feel the problems stop here, try being sensitive to allergens. The duvet inserts will act as your very own catalysts. So is there a duvet insert that is suitable throughout the year and doesn’t generally mess up with other stuff? The answer is yes, of course there is. In fact, there are so many duvets that can be perfect for you. You just have to read on to know more.

The Best Duvet Inserts 2018

Everyone has their own definition of perfection. This is why the quest for the best has been left to you, but to help you pick the right ones, several duvet inserts have been tested, rested and reviewed in order to give you a quick lookout. Here are the top rated duvet inserts that I personally like and adore:

Brand Filling Editor Rating Price
Egyptian Bedding Down 10/10 Check Price
Top Sleepy Down 9/10 Check Price
Linenspa Down Alternative 10/10 Check Price
Utopia Bedding Down Alternative 10/10 Check Price
Pinzon Down 9/10 Check Price
Superior Down Alternative 9/10 Check Price
Egyptian Bedding Down 9/10 Check Price
Royal Hotel Down Alternative 10/10 Check Price
Chezmoi Collection Down Alternative 8/10 Check Price
Puredown Down 9/10 Check Price
Natural Comfort Down Alternative 8/10 Check Price

1. Egyptian Bedding – Best Goose Down Comforter

It seems that the Egyptian Bedding Company was feeling really cold when they decided to launch this product in the market. This Siberian goose down comforter will make sure that you are warm and cuddled even in those chilly winter nights, all while kicking out all chances of allergies. This duvet insert has a thick, sturdy appearance and will feel heavy. Once you receive the product, it will take some time to reach its full form, since its compressed to be flat. After that it will erupt into a 9-ounce cloud of filling, wrapped in 100% Egyptian cotton cover.

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Due to its nature and heavy filling, it can not be used all year round but it is, hands down, one of the fluffiest duvet inserts that I have enjoyed. It will make your winter mornings even harder as far as getting out of bed in concerned, but will pretty much boil you during the summer season if you don’t have an air conditioner. Secondly, the stiffness and crinkle makes this duvet insert noisy (you read that right). Also, be sure to give this comforter a timely fluff and puff, otherwise you will feel the filling cradle your feet while your upper body has nothing but the cotton cover left for sleeping.

All in all, for the most fluffiest duvet insert and royal like experience, look no further for this Egyptian bedding comforter is the perfect call. This is the best down duvet insert that fits the bill.

2. Topsleepy – Best Duvet Insert for Hot Sleepers

Best Duvet Insert for Hot SleepersUsually, enjoyable duvets are huge in size. The more fluffy a comforter appears, the more we assume it to be soft. That’s not entirely true, for many duvet inserts look like clouds, but due to the excessive filling feel like rock. When it came to reviewing the Topsleepy’s down filling duvet insert, one thing which was visible to me was its relatively thinner fluff size, as compared to other duvets. But the moment I wrapped this comforter around me, let’s just say I felt heaven that very moment.

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This duvet insert comes with the best goose filling. Secondly, it is light weight which gives it that breathable effect and gives one the option to use it during summer as well. You can comfortably sleep with this comforter without the unnecessary warm feeling, even in hot summer nights (with air-conditioning of course). This is one of the best duvet inserts for warm weather. Being hypoallergenic in nature, it won’t bother or cause any breathing problems or allergic reactions.

Overall, the duvet insert is of moderate quality and has had received satisfactory remarks. The appearance of this comforter isn’t that grand but you can always cover it up by using it as a duvet insert. So win-win situation for everyone here. This super lightweight down comforter is easy to maintain and very easy on the price tag too.

3. Linenspa All-Season Down Alternative Comforter

Linenspa All-Season Down Alternative ComforterLet’s be honest. Most people are too lazy to change their duvet insert’s covers. Therefore, most of us opt for duvets and comforters that are already appealing enough to be placed directly on the bed. But the options in such case are scarce. Fortunately, based on a random suggestion, I came across Linenspa’s quilted comforter. Upon unpacking and unfolding, the beautiful box stitching struck me right away and became one of my favorite, all-season down alternative comforter.

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Moving further, the Linenspa comforter is made out of allergy-free microfiber filling which keeps the dust away. This duvet insert comes in 4 different subtle colors that can add in the much-needed elegant touch into your bedrooms. Another important thing noticed in its construction are the corner loops at eight different sides which basically secure the duvet cover. You can also wash this duvet insert and machine dry it without causing any damage to it.

Since comfort is another important parameter that we take in account while choosing the perfect duvet insert, this Linenspa comforter will not disappoint you. In order to get that extra fluff, give it a run in the machine dryer. It is an all season duvet insert so don’t expect it to be too fluffy and puffy. It has 6.2 pounds of good filling which will make you hog this duvet insert all year long.

4. Utopia Bedding Cool Down Alternative Comforter

Utopia Bedding Cool Down Alternative ComforterInitially my reviews regarding comforters were strict- they bring along several problems. For instance, if its cloudy huge, it is stiff. If it’s moderate soft, it appears flat. If everything seems perfect then be prepared for the edges to rip off soon. However, my views of duvet insert were changed after using Utopia Bedding’s quilted comforter/ duvet insert.

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This particular comforter is a high-end product. Its meant to provide you with more comfort and has a great life of its on. The duvet insert doesn’t take much time to reach its fluff-ball stage but a little bit towards the thinner side. But it is super soft! It is light-weighted, breathable and is filled with plush siliconized fiberfill. This fiberfill is distinctive kind of fill that is not commonly found in many products. The siliconized fiberfill is usually found in high-end products due to its hypoallergenic quality and because it keeps you cool during the warm weather as well(since silicon has a low thermal conductivity rate).

If you sleep hot, this comforter has got the best duvet filling for night sweats. The classic boxed stitching finished with piped edges gives this duvet insert a classic look and also keeps the filling intact. Even after so many years of use, I haven’t witnessed the filling to poke out or the comforter to lose its shape.

5. Pinzon Hypoallergenic Goose Down Duvet Insert

Pinzon Hypoallergenic Goose Down Duvet InsertAmazon has brought so many things in our lives, Pinzon bedding range is one of them. This is why when I got to know about their comforter range, I immediately ordered one. The baffle box stitching definitely adds in to the appearance of the comforter and gives it the extra comfy feeling. In comparison to other products, this duvet insert is nicer but is a bit flat in appearance.

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The comforter is said to be 100% hypoallergenic while having 75% goose down filling, 25% down fill fiber and all of this is packed in a 100% cotton cover. So there is absolutely no chance of one catching an allergy or the product on the whole being infected. The filling gives it a 7.1 pound of weight which is quite heavy for someDue to its heaviness, not everyone can use it throughout all seasons. Even the medium-warm is actually too snugly and warm.

Secondly, as per several reviews, this down comforter has a habit of leaking feathers which is actually totally okay because feather comforters tend to poke out. For the ultimate luxurious and heavenly sleep experience during those cold winter nights, Pinzon’s down comforter should be on your list.

6. Superior Extra Fluffy Best Down Alternative Duvet Insert

Because Down alternative comforters don’t have those luxury down feathers, most people don’t take them that seriously. But Superior’s down alternative comforter speaks of comfort and royalty like no other. One of the thickest, fluffiest duvet insert that fits the bill. Without any doubt, this is the best fluffy duvet insert you can own at a reasonable price.

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This extra fluffy comforter has plush down filling which has been stitched intelligently in the baffle box stitch style. The cover of this duvet insert is made out of silky, high quality microfiber, which leaves zero room for any allergens. The comforter weights 10 pounds yet it doesn’t warm you to the point of sweat, but is actually quite breathable (and even noiseless). It has no smell, a lot of fill and stays fluffy like day one.

Since its pretty clear that this duvet inset is heavy, it can be washed in the machine but I won’t recommend it because with water and down alternative filling, it will feel as if you are dealing with 20 pounds of weight. Other than that, the top-quality does justice to the price tag and let’s just say this- if you have ever wanted to get those hotel room feels, get yourself a superior down alternative comforter (in the winter season, of course).

7. Egyptian Bedding Best Fluffy Down Comforter

Egyptian Bedding Best Fluffy Down ComforterIf you are not allergic to Goose down filling, then this comforter will be your holy grail. This is one godsend insert which is not only extra fluffy but will give you the perfect heavenly comfort that you have been missing. The texture, the fabric, the warmth and weight- everything is on point.

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What you will find in this comforter is goose feather filling stitched neatly into the Egyptian cover and your timely shake and puff would always keep that fluffiness alive in it. Another important thing that should be mentioned here is its huge size. It comes in 4 different sizes, all of which huge, including twin, Queen, King and California King. This comforter will be your ultimate source of comfort after a long hard day- but only during the winter season though. The goose down filling traps in heat and this duvet insert has a lot of it. Keeping this in mind, its safe to say that in the summer season, you are bound to feel a lot more warm than comfortable (even in air-conditioning).

Although the cover is said to be of 1200 thread counts, but you will find it a bit lighter than that. The best way to cope up with this is to use it as a duvet insert and it will be your very perfect, very warm, extra thick duvet insert. In a good price, you can experience top quality comforter and yes. The feathers don’t come out at all, even after extensive use.

8. Royal Hotel’s Down Alternative Comforter / Duvet Insert

Royal Hotel's Down Alternative Comforter / Duvet InsertThe thing is that not everyone is looking for the most supreme product. Sometimes, we need duvet inserts in bulks or maybe just want to get rid of the old one. Such situations can cause us some serious troubles because at the end of the day, quality usually comes with a hefty price tag. In case of Royal Hotel’s Down alternative comforter, you get rich quality in a very affordable price tag.

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Without wasting any further time, here’s what you will find in this comforter- down alternative filling which is 100% hypoallergenic, a box-stitched cover which is made out of soft microfiber and doesn’t stain easily and three different sizes (all of which are huge). The admirable thing about this product is the features it offers in the price tag frankly. There is no inexpensive comforter that gives you comfort, the right amount of warmth and weight, unlike this one.

Although the Royal Hotel’s down alternative comforter is 6.7 pounds in weight, yet it doesn’t have that unnecessary puff to it. In all the down comforters, this has been rated as the fluffiest down alternative comforter out of all. You won’t feel any heaviness or extra warm feeling with this duvet insert. In fact, you will be so impressed by it that you will be buying several bundles of this duvet insert for future use.

9. Chezmoi Collection Goose Down Alternative Comforter

Chezmoi Collection Goose Down Alternative Duvet InsertAffordable, maintainable and comfortable. Chezmoi Collection has really made the perfect comforter cocktail with this one. First of all, let’s start with its main features. It is 100% down alternative which makes it hypoallergenic. After much of its filling the comforter weighs around 5.1 pounds. It is available in three different sizes, all of which are pretty cheap. The Chezmoi duvet insert is a good quality product which can be easily washed and dried in machine. Since maintaining it is the easiest task as compared to when it comes to other duvets, this one will last a long time.

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The Chezmoi collection comforter is set out to satisfy you all year round and it is not that heavy as well. Quite breathable and pleasant looking with its box stitching and piped edges. If you snuggle in this one, you will genuinely enjoy the comfort and the fact that it doesn’t get too warm, even for warmer areas.

The only feature that might disturb you a bit is the polyester blend cover. Not most people enjoy that cover, especially if you are used to cotton blends and softer materials, but you can always use this comforter as a duvet insert so there is the solution to this tiny little problem. All in all, chezmoi collection offers a good package of comfort with this one.

10. Puredown – Best Down Duvet Insert

Puredown Duvet InsertIf you want a premium quality of rest with the most authentic softness that you have never felt before, then you must try Puredown’s down comforter. Although there are several goose down fill duvet inserts, but this particular comforter has its own feel. Maybe its because of the fact that everything about this is premium quality. 500 thread count, 600 fill power, these measurements take it to the higher quality range.

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The interesting thing about Puredown’s comforter is its cover, which has the baffle-box design crafted on the pure cotton shell. It should also be noted here that for extra security from feather leaks, the comforter has satin piping done to it which looks just so classy. The white striped comforter with silky satin edging is bound to look stunning on your bed.

Other than its outer appearance, you will find the duvet insert to be best for warm weather. Don’t be suspicious about its comfort or weight both of them are in perfect proportions. However, if you tend to pick up allergies quick, then you can’t really extract any comfort out of this comforter (be prepared to sneeze).

11. Natural Comfort – Microfiber Embossed Down Alternative Comforter

Natural Comfort Duvet Insert for SummerBut what if you do not want an over-stuff or cloud like thick stuff lying on your bed?. Although everyone loves stuffy, fluffy duvet inserts but when its warm you don’t want to take on the extra burden. Therefore, the search for best duvet inserts for summer led me to Natural Comfort’s comforter and yes, it did what it say.

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To begin with the comforter is not huge nor thick. It’s more like a finely-filled blanket. In the 100% microfiber cover you will find polyester filling, which makes it hypoallergenic and all this has been secured with the very pleasing box stitching. You will also find an embossed micro-check pattern which is sort of like its trademark. The comforter is available in different colors ranging from blue, green, brown and taupe. For regions where the weather stays comparatively warm throughout the year, this duvet insert will serve them the best for its fine and soft texture, all while being light and breathable.

The silky texture combined with high quality stitching and perfect warmth will make you love this comforter. If you find it too light for colder regions, try using it as a thicker duvet insert cover. You will be amazed by how much warmth it can store.

Did you like my picks for best duvets? Which one did you buy? Let me know in the comments below.

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    Appreciate your kind words, Kevin. I am a great fan of #6 myself and yes it promotes better airflow to help you sleep cool.

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