Best Waterbed Heater Reviews and Buying Guide (2018 Picks)

Best Waterbed Heater

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Unlike the conventional mattress, a waterbed consists of mattress, which is filled with water and has proven to help one sleep better. They reduce back problems, help asthma sufferers and have many benefits that are good for one’s health. Patients suffering from joint, bone and muscular conditions such as Arthritis, Rheumatism etc have all reaped significant benefits from sleeping on a waterbed.

However, sleeping on a cold waterbed is uncomfortable and not at all helpful in the ways mentioned. This is where the waterbed heater comes in, as they heat the waterbed and maintain a suitable, warm temperature.

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So, without any delay, let’s take a look at the best waterbed heater reviews.

The Best Waterbed Heater 2018Picks

I have thoroughly looked into the best waterbed heaters available on Amazon. While every heater listed here has some benefits one or the other way, I have done the homework to help you find the best waterbed heater.

Here’s a list of best waterbed heaters 2018:

Waterbed HeaterEditor RatingPrice
InnoMax Thermal Guardian
(Editor's Choice)
10/10 Check Price
Calesco Full-Watt Hard Side9/10 Check Price
Thermal Guardian Quantum Harside9/10 Check Price
Hard side Waterbed Heater8/10 Check Price

Reviews of the Top Rated Waterbed Heaters

Let’s take a quick look at our waterbed heater reviews to give you a better understanding of all available options.

1. InnoMax Thermal Guardian Quantum, Solid-State, Full Watt, Waterbed Heater

InnoMax has been in the market for a long time, and has given major products out of which the Thermal Guardian waterbed heater is the talk of the town. Whenever a waterbed heater is installed, it usually takes sometime to heat up the bed itself, but this heater immediately turns the temperature toasty. With proper certification that abides by the standard rules of the Underwriter Laboratories-1445 (UL), this is the safest waterbed heater out there. This one is also available in black and silver color (not that color matters), plus it has a rich warranty as well.

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Key Features

  • The safest heater pad and control design, with a fully encased thermostat
  • Primary case is composed with vinyl and internally composed with copper and nickel elements
  • Comes with Approximately 32 individual comfort settings
  • The heater pad and controller both can be replaced separately, that means in case of repairs you won’t have to change the whole heater itself
  • Intelligent computer sensor that senses the temperature instantly
  • Comes with appropriate temperature control that can be to a + or – 1/8th of the set degree
  • Comes with a 5 Year warranty
  • The physical composition of this waterbed heater includes the latest elements
  • It is fire, odor, tear, dust resistant
  • Maintains the temperature evenly and is fast when it comes to heating
  • Safe and secure to use
  • Soft-side beds can use this model, noting that the depth has to be a minimum of 9 inches
  • The product dimensions are huge in comparison to other waterbed heaters
  • The control dial has analogue appearance, where as now the digital appearance is regarded as pleasant looking
  • The product is large and heavy
  • It is a bit towards the pricey side

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You won’t realize how great this waterbed heater works until you install it, because it readily keeps the temperature maintained and there are no cold/hot patches. You can expect a regulated, uniform heat throughout your mattress. Plus, it doesn’t take much time to warm up the bed itself. The assembly of this heater is not hard as well. All in all, if you want to try a waterbed heater for the first time, this shall serve as a perfect fit.

2. Calesco Full-Watt Hard Side Waterbed Heater

Now, the manufacturer Calesco has been in business for round about 30 years, so they have literally evolved the waterbed heating industry. The best part about this full-watt waterbed heater is the fact that is has all the best features, and the control pad, which normally consists of buttons and a analogue or digital display, is different. Instead, in this model, the control pad consists of a knob, just like the ones that are installed in our homes to regulate temperature. Hence, if you want to increase or decrease the temperature you just rotate the knob and there is absolutely no “clicking”.

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Key Features

  • Regulates more watt power (324 Watts)
  • With 11.8 inches in length and 1.9 pounds in weight, this is lightest waterbed heater out there
  • Just involves a single plug-in to operate
  • Polyester and plastic body which has been tested according to UL 1445 standards and CSA standards
  • The heating pad, controller pad are accompanied with a small kit which includes a conditioner bottle for its cleaning as well
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to install and set up
  • The control unit is heavily insulated and smaller in size
  • One plug use, and no extra cords involved
  • Limited Warranty
  • The initial installment demands sometime for the heating system to work. After that, works fine
  • The thermostat is attached to the heating pad via cord, which tends to dislocate the original position of the pad upon use

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In case you are that individual, who finds it difficult to set-up waterbed heaters with all the cords around, then this one is perfect for you. This heater is as simple as anything, all you need to do is plug and go. So, its installation would not involve much hard work, plus it’s compact and lightweight. However, you should expect it to take some time to start warming up. A very simple yet powerful model.

3. Thermal Guardian Quantum, 300 Watt, Hardside Waterbed Heater

Another one from the manufacturer InnoMax. This special model works best with King Size and Queen size water beds. There is a common misconception that waterbed heaters can work with all kind of bed sizes, and that for king size or queen size beds, a longer waterbed heater would do the work. However, this is not true. When it comes to King and Queen Size, you need a more upgraded, better heater, just like this one. This comes with almost the same properties, and amazingly is smaller in size as well.

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Key Features

  • Exterior consists of vinyl and plastic casing, with the interior made out of mesh of copper and nickel elements
  • Analogue Dial, to control temperature
  • Intelligent computer sensor to monitor temperature, with proper safety certification
  • 5 year warranty
  • 14.5 inches long and 2.9 pounds of weight, and should be used with hard-side bed
  • Includes accessories which include a special kit with 4 oz conditioner
  • Suits King size and Queen size beds
  • A reputable company, which ensures great results
  • Uniform heating and automatic sensing, even on king sized beds
  • Safe to use and assemble
  • It is dust, odor, fungus, electric shock resistant
  • Temperature can easily be controlled and efficiently changed with the help of dial control
  • Only to be used in case of hard side water beds
  • As compared to other models of InnoMax, this one takes some time to start heating up

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If you have large beds and are witnessing the cold/hot patches, then this Thermal Guardian Quantum will solve all your problems. It’s specialty is super-sized beds, while being smaller than the other models. With a 5 year warranty, the product lasts way more than that and has been replaced in rare numbers. Plus, temperature regulation is automatic and almost as soon as you move the dial, you can notice the heater do its work.

4. Hard side Waterbed Heater

With different dimensions and even a lighter, plug-in model, this Calesco waterbed heater will end up as your favorite. The best part abut Calesco models is that they are very simple to install and assemble. Other than this, This unit is very reliable which will enure that your mattress is nice and warm for many many years. The Solid State waterbed heater technology uses less energy compared to other manufactures while maintaining the temperature of your bed. Plus, with the dial thermostat you can easily adjust the temperature to your desired choice.

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Key Features

  • Electronic temperature control, with ensured double insulation, in a polyester casing
  • Uses 120 V AC power supply, which means it can only be used in Canada and U.S outlets
  • 5.9 ft  and 4.9 ft of cord, with single plug in facility
  • Regulates 325 watts of power
  • Dimensions of 24 x 12 x 1.5 inches and 1.5 pound weight make it ideal for super sized beds
  • accompanied with a 4 year warranty
  • Can work efficiently with super sized beds
  • Comes with a good warranty
  • Long cord, with simple one switch to plug in
  • Heavily insulted control and heater pad, which is very easy to assemble
  • Only to be used in case of Hard side waterbeds
  • Heating pad dislocates as one uses the dial to control thermostat, as they are conjoined

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Well, in case you have a super sized bed, and want a really simple, ready to work waterbed heater, then there is no better model than this. The no extra cord factor makes it absolutely amazing, although if you jerk around the thermostat dial a lot, you have a good chance of dislocating the heating pad, which can be fatal. But overall, it is a simple model and a public’s favorite.

It should be noted that whatever waterbed heater you decide to install, always check it hard-side/ soft side capacity. Do not ignore their properties for they are crucial. Secondly, the waterbed heaters should be assembled carefully, so that they don’t change their position. It is good to place them towards the side of feet, for that side witnesses the least amount of pressure. Other than this, you are good to use any kind of waterbed heater!

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TBailey says June 5, 2017

What does dislocated mean when referring to a waterbed heater?

    Young Meagher says June 5, 2017


    In context of waterbed heaters, dislocation is referred to as the misplacement of either the lead wire or internal resistance wire.

    Hope this helps.

Ben says May 18, 2017

Great. I want to get one for myself.

Laura says April 22, 2017

On the InnoMax Thermal Gardian Quantum Waterbed Heater: in the description it says for a minimum of 9″ mattress. I have a king size hardside. Will this work for me? I don’t know if it is 9″ or not since my heater went out and my bed has been drained.
Thank you

    Young Meagher says April 24, 2017

    Hi Laura
    If it’s 9″ or more, it will definitely work for you as the description says “for use with minimum 9” depth waterbeds”. You can use a measurement tape to see if it’s at-least 9″ or not. Alternatively, you can go back and see the specs if it was purchased online.
    Hope that helps.

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