Cuisinart 11 Cup Food Processor Review 2017

cuisinart 11 cup food processor review

There are a few kitchen appliances that we grow up seeing stacked on our shelves; A Blender, a Food processor and a mixer. Now you don’t have to be a cooking expert to know what each of them does, we all just instinctively know which one is one. The biggest question however, that is often debated about is, if we really need a food processor, say a Cuisinart 11 cup food processor?

Speaking about my cooking experience, when I started cooking I wasn’t pretty sure why do we really need a food processor and like many rebels, I did some tiresome cutting, grating and shredding all by hand. But once I switched to a food processor, there was no going back. Now from then till now many food processors have come up in the market,with more features and everything, But by far, the most latest and efficient processor in my kitchen is the 11 cup Cuisinart food processor DLC-8SY.

Cuisinart 11 Cup Food Processor Review (2017 Updated)

Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom

Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom

Talking from a cooking expert’s perspective, the DLC-8SY just helps you out massively. I have worked my way through recipe upon recipe, testing capacity, power, noise and all kinds of fancy functions with this piece of machine and every time it has saved me hours of chopping, slicing, grating, slicing and blending. Now I am not talking just about the occasional onion mincing, I have chopped vegetables, made pizza dough and even tried making frozen desserts with the very own Cuisinart 11 cup food processor.

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Not only is the chopping, mincing and shredding game strong, but the best part about this appliance is that it has a huge capacity (11 cups of anything, just imagine!). Be it my everyday routine life food work or a big family dinner, Cuisinart 11 cup food processor, the DLC-8SY is my ultimate helping hand in the kitchen.

Another important thing that I would address here is the two different styles of the same DLC range that tend to cause a lot of confusion; The DLC-8SY and DLC -8SBCY. Initially, I was also caught in confusion when it came to buying my food processor and led me to some research. According to what I have seen, both of them are almost the same kind of food processors, bearing the same specs and same features the only difference that these two have is the difference of casing and color. The DLC-8SY comes in pure white base and color, while the DLC-8SBCY comes in the silver, chrome and more polished look. Other than that both bear the same kind of machinery and features.

Key Features

Speaking about the features and technicalities, here are some of the distinguishing specifications of this model:

  • 11 cup capacity in it’s work bowl, giving plenty of room for ingredients to mix, shred and for dough to work
  • 4 cup flour capacity for making dough
  • Medium sized unit (7 x 11.24 x 14.50 inches) which makes it easy to store and use
  • Large and wide feed tubes, which allow large proportions of ingredients to enter the food processor
  • Different blades i.e shredder blade, with a economical dough blade as a commodity
  • Three different discs with 3 mm fine slicing results, which are ideal for fine shredding
  • A rich warranty of 3 years, and a 5 year motor warranty as a separate
  • 24 more parts in its accessories including Flat cover with gap, Work Bowl, Disc holder and much more

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Note:  The additional accessories and the dough blade would come separately with a price, but the good news is that the price you pay is totally worth it. You have the option of buying the accessory of your choice and pay just for it, instead of paying for everything else as well.


Safe and Easy to use

Very simple to use, like even if you have had no previous experience with a food processors, this Cuisinart 11 cup food processor  will be the simplest processor that you can use. Be it vegetables, parsley, meat or dough, you will love working with all kind of ingredients as long as you have this machine. Secondly, from a safety point of you, the machine is equipped with full protection, ensuring that any kind of burnout or disruption in its motor would result in complete shut down of the machine. Plus the Warranty of the motor will help you claim a new one, if something goes horribly wrong.

Additional Accessories

As mentioned earlier the accessories are just cherry on top. Although you won’t need them all, but a few will definitely turn into a chef-maestro.

Fine Shredding and Amazing Results

With the huge capacity that comes with the Cuisinart 11 cup food processor, one other characteristic that you will love is the Hassle free shredding and finely grained ingredients, which will become a norm after you use this machine. I myself have been amazed with all the burden I have put on this appliance and just how finely chopped results I have obtained. Plus, the dough making, if not flooded, has never been easier before as well.


The Dough Maker

While you need to purchase a separate dough blade for it, another drawback of this wonderful device is, that the 4 flour-cup limit does not necessarily always work. The quantity of flour has to be kept lesser than the 4 cup mark, otherwise the dough ends up as a mess (Personal experience here).

Tough to Clean

When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, the DLC-8SY can be a tough job. The feeds can get jammed but that’s largely because of the kind of ingredient you are dealing with. Secondly, you need to go over the instructions as well, when it comes to fixing the lids. Be sure to give the instruction and how-to-use manual before diving in head first.

On a overall, the machine is a all rounder. Smooth to work with, best results and long lasting. However, Cuisinart didn’t just stop here. A better version of the machine also exists, by the name of Cusiniart’s Prep 11 Plus-DLC-2011CHBY. It is regarded as the next step to the Cuisinart Pro Custom 11 Food Processor, DLC-8SY.

The More Refined Cuisinart Prep Plus Food Processor 11 Cup

Cuisinart 11 cup Prep Plus

Cuisinart 11 cup Prep Plus

Now it bears all the same features as the Pro Custom, Cuisinart 11 cup food processor model i.e the same Different blades, dough kneading, meat mincing, ingredient shredding. The difference lies in the construction, the results and other up-gradation. This is recommended to those people who believe in using the food processor for more of a professional use. For instance, for a daily use and a family of 4, DLC- 8SY is the best out there and falls in budget. This Cuisinart 11 Cup Prep Plus tends to land in the more technical category.

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What’s Different?

  • A better designed control panel, with clear buttons and labeling.
  • Stainless steel housing, as compared to that of DLC-8SY, which include plastic housing.
  • The Prep 11 has a feature that allows automatic adjustment of speed. This is ideal for processes like dough making, where the speed needs to change accordingly.
  • Unlike the Custom Pro, this machine deals the 4 cup flours more efficiently.
  • This one comes with a 10 year motor warranty.
  • In terms of durability, custom pro excels as compared to the Prep 11.

So in short, with the prep 11 plus, you can expect finer, faster results, better dough kneading, but with the pro- custom you get the same features, with a extra bonus of durability. But remember, which ever machine you choose, the results will be absolutely magnificent when you use the Cuisinart food processor 11 cup technology and will become a major component of your cooking.

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