Gravity Defyer Shoes Review

Gravity Defyer Shoes Review

This is an unbiased review of gravity defyer shoes. Read on to discover why/why not this is a good fit for you.

The ongoing search for comfortable yet presentable shoes starts when we begin to walk. We all have spent long dragging hours trying on one shoe after another to find the perfect pick. Believe it or not, the struggle is worse when you are looking for shoes that support your body weight and help with sporty or athletic activities. People who are suffering from diseases such as arthritis or heel spurs, may be in the constant need of shoes that just make the pain bearable.

So where does this long undying search end? Where does the answer lie? The answer lies within gravity defyer shoes

G Defy Shoes Review

As the name suggests ,gravity defyer shoes were created with the purpose to reduce the effect of gravity as much as possible. The claim is that by wearing these shoes, the user will feel just half of their body weight. In all honesty, that is a huge reduction from the load the ankles and feet carry, this characteristic of the shoe helps reduce load and pain in the lower extremity. The benefit of this shoe is unparalleled to any other shoe. The extreme comfort that they provide helps to enhance workouts by 20% as they make the user feel comfortable.

While going through the benefits of gravity defyer shoes, I could not help but being surprised. The shoes do not only come in many varieties, there are also pairs for each and every single person. From men and women to children, there is a stylish and well crafted shoe design for everyone. These shoes not only benefit the user when they wear them, but look pretty darn good too.

What Makes them Different?

So how does it feel when you wear these shoes? What is the sensation that has got everyone talking?

It may be no exaggeration to say that it feels no less than walking on the clouds. You may literally just have a spring in your step. In fact, for some people, a pair of these shoes can be the most comfortable they have ever owned.

The next question that you may have thought of, is probably the more logical question. What makes these shoes so different? What have these manufacturers done which have yielded such amazing results?

The idea is simple and brilliant. The sole of this shoe is said to be a VersoShock trampoline sole. This is designed to absorb shock waves from the body when you walk, run or jog. The soles are supposed to have a spring mechanism that literally add a spring to your gait. Additional features such as a smart memory master spring, twin stabilizers, and special molding on the midsole, combine to produce a much wanted and commendable result.

Here is how G Defy shoes work:

The Price

When it comes to the price of these shoes, if truth be told they are above your average price for shoes. But the fact is that you are paying money for the product worth. Every penny goes towards a shoe that is known to provide ample comfort and support. The shoe is known to make day to day activities easier and save you from unwanted fatigue.

With they 30 Day Home Try On, option you don’t lose anything. Simple return it if you think this is not what you were looking for.

Adjustment Time

The thing to be mindful about is that every time your foot is presented with something new, it takes time for the foot and leg to get accustomed to it and feel completely at ease. So when you do purchase the gravity defyer shoes, we suggest that you give yourself ample time to become used to the new feeling and built. It should take a little bit, but eventually when you adjust to it, things will only go uphill from there.

The 30 days trial is enough for you to get your feet acquainted with the shoe. If your feet has not adjusted to the shoe after a couple weeks, simply return it before the trial period ends. No risk on you.

User Reviews

While there were a lot of users who enjoyed the product, there were people who didn’t like the product at all. A few reviewers have reported complete customer satisfaction, claiming that every single penny was worth it. They say these shoes really help with bad knees, flat feet and even various inflammations of the lower extremity. Diabetic patients have opted for trying this shoe as it may be better for their condition. Many users have stated that the shoes were good for their arthritis and really helped elevate there health conditions.

Talking about the negative reviews, many users have complained that it hurt when they wore the shoes for first time. Some were fast enough to return after first try but that’s too quick. As mentioned above, it will take some time for your feet to adjust to these shoes. G Defy shoes are engineered to absorb impact and correct your step, it might feel uncomfortable in the first few attempts. You can start off by wearing your shoes just few hours a day and you’ll be fine.

The dress shoes look very fashionable and classy but they have a knack of making noise and being very squeaky. That can be pretty annoying and can bring down the glamour just a bit. The dress shoes can also make your feet ache and make them sore. But hey they do say , fashion comes with a little pain. Other women users have complained that the designs for women are limited in contrast to men designs. We have to pay attention to the guy who said, women can conquer the world  if they have the right pair of shoes.

Our Recommendation

So there it is, the pros and cons of this very attractive product. What do we suggest? We suggest that you try a pair of gravity defyer sandals and see for yourself. We have noticed that between users, they either hated them or loved them. We recommend that you see for yourself. They are known to work great with people suffering from plantar fascitis. It is good to try what is new in the market, to see if it is the right fit for you, at no risk.

Have you got your pair of gravity defyer shoes? Share your personal experience with us in the comments section below.

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my right shoe makes a clicking noise when I walk my shoes are 6 mo old

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