iJoy Massage Chairs: Tops Picks of 2018

iJoy Massage Chairs

Nothing beats iJoy massage chairs when it comes to the comfort, advanced design and technology.

Initially, massage chairs were introduced in the late 1980’s to relive stress, muscle tensions and to alleviate certain kind of back pains. This interesting technology was build on imitating the movements and motions of an actual masseuse, so that the user can have the comfort of massages right in their homes. Now, this idea has gained massive popularity and with products like iJoy massage chairs, the massage chair market is ever-growing.

1. Human Touch – iJoy-2310, Recline & Relax Robotic Massage Chair

Before anything is said about this chair, let me add in that it is the most updated iJoy massage chair in the market. With it’s luxurious design, and state-of-the-art robotic technology, the deal which this massage chair offers is hard to resist. This iJoy massage chair is build to bent to a full 180 degree, comes with a removable back massage and a cup holder in the arm rest.

The chair also offers selecting the three different massage programs which will massage either the neck and shoulders, or the full back or just the lower back. With firm leather upholstery, this massage chair will surely give you the best of massage therapy, stress relief therapy and back wellness.

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  • Latest of the iJoy massage chairs, coming with a remote control as well
  • Constitutes all the massage motions (kneading, rolling, compressing and per-cussing)
  • Compact and effective
  • comes in two different colours
  • Automatic turn off timer (15 mins)
  • Compact, keeping in mind the 40 x 29 x 36 inched dimension
  • Weight limit of 200 lbs
  • not recommended to people over 6’2 height

2. Human Touch- iJoy 2580, Premium Robotic Massage Chair

The iJoy massage chairs are known to introduce in some new feature in every change, and in the iJoy 2580, the very new and useable thing has to be the in-build power supply. So, in case if you are addicted to your smartphone, then you can relax and have the best massage while charging your phone with the chair itself.

The very comfortable massage chair bears almost all the features of the previous one discussed, but this is far more comfortable, supportive, a bit wide, high and yes heavier. Not only this, you can fully choose the angle till which you want to recline the back of this chair, as it massages you. The control panel is build-in, which means you got to just move a finger and the massage chair will work as your command.

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  • Includes all the four massage options of kneading, rolling, compressing and percussion
  • Very comfortable and supportive
  • button panel is build-in and exists on the side, giving the user control of the massage at the tip of their fingers
  • Comes in two different colors
  • Can accommodate short-height people
  • Build-in power storage, which can be used to charge phones
  • 2-5 year usual warranty
  • right-handed control panel does not suited the left-handed audience
  • Overall appearance is bulky due to its huge 44 x 35 x 40 inched dimensions
  • includes a 2 year warranty in most cases

3. Human Touch- iJoy Active 2.0, Perfect Fit Massage Chair

Whether its the two-tone simple design, or the well adjusted remote control, the physical appearance of this massage chair will get you stunned. To begin with, This has to be the most advanced massage chairs out of all the iJoy massage chairs, on the basis of massage techniques that it offers.

Expect some good orbital, stretch and glide motions with the perfect amount of pressure. Not only this, the 180 degree reclination will be the most comfortable part, as both the head pad and foot pad are firm and comfortable. The automated programs are labelled as think, perform, recharge, all dealing with different areas of the back and shoulders.

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  • Great value for money
  • Super comfortable leather upholstery
  • 3 automatic selection modes
  • available in two different colors
  • different massage techniques, including the main 4 motions
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Might look too small based on its 32 x 27 x 37 inched dimensions
  • The head pad is not removable
And the best pick of the year?

The winner is.. the iJoy Active 2.0. Not only is it pleasant looking, but the range of features it offers in the respective price tag is just amazing. The comfort, the massages, and the feasibility all are just on point. With this, you can recline up to 180 degree, switch between modes, choose the kind of massage technique you like, be super comfortable and just completely relax. Plus, its compact, sleek design will definitely add a lot to your space.

Why People Love iJoy Massage Chairs

The Design

When it comes to talking about massage chairs, the reason why brands like Human Touch are rapidly mentioned, is because of their ratings and awards. Speaking specifically for the iJoy range, this has to be one of those productions that are widely consulted for massage chairs. The iJoy massage chairs are designed by team of professionals which includes engineers, doctors and designers. The main design of such iJoy mssage chairs focus on two major massage techniques:

  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Swedish Massage

The Technology

All massage chairs are equipped with the latest technology and automation, in order to adjust according to the weight, height and width of the user. Most massage chairs combines a sophisticated approach and by noting the pressure on the seat back, the height of the protrusion of the rollers, the nodes etc all are adjusted with the help of the computer assistance installed in these chairs. In addition to this, the control pad provides the user with the option of adjusting the speed and techniques accordingly.

The Comfort

Probably the only reason that needs no definition. You don’t need to have a back problem to take benefit from these chairs. Even after a long tiring day, a good massage chair will provide you with the some enjoyable relaxation all in the privacy of  your home, along with convenience and time efficiency.

Now the question remains, what are the best massage tables out there?. Well, the answer is relatively simple. Based on customer demands and reviews on online web-stores like, iJoy massage chairs from the manufacturer human touch dominate the market.


With all the massage chairs out there, it can be rather confusing to know which one to buy and what exactly to look for. The judgement is based on two things : the massage options which includes the techniques etc, and just how comfortable the chair is. Other than that, almost the same thing is rotating in the market. But, out of all brands, in terms of durability, comfort and ratings human touch’s iJoy massage chairs have received a positive response. The majorly popular three iJoy massage chairs have been discussed above in which all of them share some mutual features like the four massage options of kneading, rolling, compressing and percussion, one touch control panel, 180 degree reclination and compact sleek design. Not only these three, but the whole iJoy massage chair range promises some great comfort, relaxation and genuine stress therapy.

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