Best Reiki Massage Table 2018 Reviews

Reiki Massage Table

Reiki is still regarded as one of the most efficient forms of healing.

This Japanese concept is used widely across the globe, to channel in the “Ki” energy, which stimulates different chakras of the human body. But being a Reiki practitioner isn’t just enough, when it comes to the right kind of healing or practicing. Good techniques require a good posture in which the recipient has to lay down, and for that there is definite need of a durable yet comforting reiki massage table.

Reiki Massage Table 2018 Reviews

While the overall setting tends to get ignored,  what really matters is that the recipient gets such a environment in which he or she feels comfortable and relaxed. Therefore, without wasting further times, let’s introduce you the best reiki massage tables out there which would aid in creating a pleasant experience for the recipient of energy:

Product NameEditor RatingPrice
BestMassage Portable Massage Table
(Editor's Choice)
10/10 Check Price
Black Portable Economic Massage Table9.5/10 Check Price
Master Massage Montclair Professional9/10 Check Price
BestMassage Portable Reiki Massage Table8/10 Check Price
Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table8/10 Check Price

1. BestMassage Portable Massage Table

With hundreds of positive reviews from buyers, this reiki massage table is the best in the market. Starting with its size, the 77 inch length and 30 inch width is enough to accommodate everyone, the table has been designed with the best luxury design in mind. The best part is that it is rather easy to fold and unfold, which makes it easy to move it around or just assemble it after work has been done. Secondly, the foam or the casing as you may say, is composed with PU leather, which is highly comfortable and resilient. With such a economical price, this reiki massage table is durable and will last a couple of decades for sure.

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Feature Highlights

  • 77 inches of length, with 30 inch width, along with 4 inch thick filling
  • PU leather casing, for extreme comfort, while being stain and dust resistant
  • Easy to adjust, separate Headrest
  • Strong frame that can support up to 600 lb weight
  • Easy to fold and move, comes along with a carry case to store it
  • Accessories like bolster and face pillow are include
  • No PVC included in the casing
  • Free Carry case
  • Easy to move and pack
  • Can get complicated to assemble
  • Frame might jam with frequent usage
  • No reverse height adjustment
This reiki massage table from BestMassage is the best table for anyone who wishes to buy a proper portable massage table. The best part is its packing and folding, which is just so convenient that it can be done instantly. Due to its portability, it can be used in a wide or small space such as homes or even clinics. The height can be adjusted till 5 inches, however there is no reverse height adjustment i.e the headrest can not be depressed. A good option for beginners and fresh reiki practitioners.

2. Black Portable Economic Massage Table

Another one from BestMassage, which is absolute perfection. This reiki massage table is 77 inches long, with 24 inches initial width. The best part has to be the height adjustment it offers. Keeping in mind the features it offers, it is a good bargain. It comes with a face cradle, with proper detachable arm rests and includes a complete 2 element of top-density luxurious padding. Almost everything is easy to detach and disassemble, and like the previous table, this reiki massage table comes with it free carrying case.

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Feature Highlights

  • 77 inches of length, with 24 inches in width and a excellent 33 inches of height adjustment
  • high quality wooden (beach timber) framework, with comfortable casing
  • Accessories like face cradle, detachable arm rests
  • 450 lb of weight capacity
  • Free case which allows to pack it up
  • Extra length always serves as a good thing in therapies
  • The arm rests are supportive and ensure relaxation
  • Very easy to assemble/disassemble
  • Comes with several accessories, which give a even more soothing experience
  • Height adjustment is easy
  • Available in only one color
  • A bit heavy
Now this reiki massage table is a real scorer for the professionals. Just like its size, with its state-of-the-art luxury design, this table offers a lot of support. With so many optional accessories that come along, the experience of reiki massage can be amplified easily. Highly recommended to pro-therapists, treatment students, and residential customers alike.

3. Master Massage Montclair Professional Massage Table

Before I get started with this one, let me say a word: AMAZING. This reiki massage table is different than the others because it is equipped with memory foam.

While Memory foam is known for its great reputation for molding to the body in response to heat and pressure and evenly distributing body weight, combining it in with a therapeutic massage therapy just becomes a complete heaven. But talking about the table specifically, this luxury design table is known to satisfy all brackets of the therapy market.

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Feature Highlights

  • 3 inches of thick Memory foam mattress padding
  • 84 inches of length, 31 inches of width with a full range height adjustment of over 10 inches ( 24″-34″)
  • The mattress padding is CFC free, and PU composed, which is why it is stain and dust resistant
  • Auto-lock leg system
  • lean and lighter in comparison to other tables
  • Rich accessories include face cradle and fully-purpose memory foam pillow, carrying case and body contoured arm rest
  • Can support up to 1500 lb weight easily
  • Extremely comfortable (thanks to the memory foam)
  • Very easy to assemble, adjust height
  • Light-weight and pleasant looking
  • Portable in its carrying case
  • Fully supportive arm rests
  • Expect it to be expensive
  • difficult to set-up
  • Available in Black color only
It is pretty clear that this reiki massage table is a winner, with its memory foam features and its delicacy. Highly recommended for professionals, for they will have prior knowledge on how to set it up the right way. Other than this, this massage table is set to accommodate the recipient of the reiki massage fully.

4. BestMassage Portable Reiki Massage Table

Now in case you are done with the monotonous black and white massage tables, this range of BestMassage comes in fabulous colors. With the best features and very economical, you have the chance of buying the table of your personal color preference.

With a good 450 lb weight capacity, and even better ratio measurements, this reiki massage table will add in your therapy experience.

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Feature Highlights

  • 72 inches of length, 27 inches of width, with a significant height adjustment of 10 inches ( 26″-36″)
  • Easy to remove and adjust face cradle
  • Strong Birch Hardwood composition, with 2 inches of thick mattress padding
  • Comes along with a personal carrying case
  • Availability in different colours including Pink, Burgundy, Cream, Black, Blue and Purple
  • A good 450 lb weight capacity
  • Profusely produced
  • Availability in different color
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Easy to move, with its carrying case
  • The padding might not suit several people
  • Bulky and heavy appearance
Overall, investment in this reiki massage table is a good one. Keeping in mind the growing economic pressure and inflation, this one sits at the right price bracket, following the abundant features is offers. This one is a favorite of several people, due to its availability in different color ranges. Highly recommended for personal use and for setting which can use up some color.

5. Sierra Comfort Sooth Series Portable Massage Table

A very yet very useful design. With hardly 40 pounds in weight, this one is the most elegant table in the market. With its strong framework, it is set to give your clients the best experience ever. Accompanying a very easy to adjust face cradle are two bolsters, which are there to ensure extra firm support and comfort. Composed manly of high density foam, the table is easy to wrap up, and even easier to carry as the carry bag comes with its very own shoulder strap.

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Feature Highlights

  • length of 74 inches, with 28 width and approximately 10 inch height adjustment (23″-33″)
  • 7 inch Mattress filling and bolster filling of high density foam
  • Face cradle and a very new forward-swinging arm cradle
  • Durable and strong with it’s maple hardwood frame
  • Easy to carry around, in its carrying case
  • good system of face cradle adjustment
  • Extra bolster offer extra support
  • The shoulder-strap carrying bag is a big positive
  • Available in only black colour
  • High density foam might be too firm for some people
  • has a more sturdy appearance
Sierra Comfort are known for their different items belonging to the massage world. This reiki massage table is a compact model introduced from their side which ensures durability, support and a over all easy experience for both the reiki therapist and the recipient. Investment in this model will serve satisfactory results.

It is very important that the recipient gets a comfortable environment, for reiki involves channeling of energy and any form of discomfort will be the total opposite of that positive force. That’s why most of your investment in good furniture pieces or items would not go to waste. So, don’t hesitate to invest in a good way especially when it comes to reiki!

May the force be with you.

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