Sades Gaming Headset Review – SA 708, SA 901, SA 903 and More

Sades Gaming Headset Review

Discover our best picks of Sades gaming headsets.

Whether you are looking to murder the whole Greek pantheon as the God of War or defeat terrorists in your next Global Offensive, you need a decent headset to complete the experience.

Many gamers might argue that a mechanical keyboard and a mouse make the difference for them, a worthy pair of headphones is what can truly help you eliminate the enemy like a true warrior.

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Among many others, Sades has made a name for itself with its great gaming headsets. Let’s take a look at the some of the best ones.

Sades Gaming Headsets: 2017 Top of the Charts

Model Compatiblity Our Rating Price
SA 708 PC/Mac/Laptop 10/10 Check Price
SA 901 PC/Laptop 9/10 Check Price
SA 902 PC/Mac/Laptop 10/10 Check Price
SA 903 PC/Mac/Laptop/PS3 9/10 Check Price
Stereo 7.1 Surround Pro PC/Mac/Laptop 9/10 Check Price
AW50 USB Stereo PC/Mac/Laptop 8/10 Check Price
SA 933 PC/Mac/Laptop 10/10 Check Price
SA 926 Phone/PC/PS3/PS4/
Xbox One/Xbox 360
9/10 Check Price
GW SA 926 Phone/PC/PS3/PS4/
Xbox One/Xbox 360
9/10 Check Price
A60 PC/Laptop/PS4 8/10 Check Price

1. SADES SA-708

Sades SA 708 Gaming HeadsetGaming with a wired headset is definitely much better than with a wireless one. You get more headphones for your buck. You also don’t have to worry about the batteries running out in the middle of a game or anything interfering with the signal. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on headphones and still get the best possible quality, you need the SA-708 headset.

Aptly priced, the SA-708 headset features very comfortable cushions on the ear pads and the head band. You can wear the headset for a very long time. The audio quality of the mic is very clear. You can easily communicate with your teammates during the game without any interruption.

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  • Mic Mute Function
  • High fidelity sound
  • Dedicate Mic
  • Volume Control
  • Doesn’t fit big heads
  • No Xbox One, PS4 compatibility

2. SADES SA-901

Sades SA 901 Gaming HeadsetNext on the list, the SA-901 headset kicks things up a notch. With a fiery design, the headset features a great deal of comfort for long wear. With nine levels of adjustment, you can have the headset perfect sit on your head. This is then supplemented by a 7.1 USB sound card, which is capable of delivering an exhilarating sound with adjustable levels.

The retractable mic ensures that you get the message across to the team when needed, and it gets out of the way when not needed. Also, with the smart control for mic and sound you don’t have to frantically search for the apt buttons, but control everything easily.

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  • Best Bass for the price
  • Surround Sound
  • Solid Build Quality
  • Long USB cable to reach behind your CPU
  • Ears get hot quickly
  • USB only
  • LED lights not as bright as in the picture

3. SADES SA-902

SA 902Moving up the list, the SA-902 starts taking things a bit more serious. With a unique 4-piece headband, you get a great deal of adjustment for the perfect fit. Zero static or any kind of distortion while playing games, music or while using the microphone. With the flexible mic, you can position it perfectly to have the optimal communication with your team during any match.

Compatible with a wide range of Windows operating Systems, e.g. XP, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10, including generic use on Macs. A pretty good package in this economical price.

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  • 360o surround sound
  • Ventilate Ear Cushions
  • Superb bass
  • Adjustable mic
  • Bad Noise Cancellation
  • Plastic Controls

4. SADES SA-903

SA 903 Gaming HeadsetNow this is an interesting one. The SA-903 headset comes rocking the 7.1 USB sound card which delivers separately adjustable levels for your surround sound. Very comfortable design, so much so that SADES itself guarantees hours of comfortable gaming.

With an intimidating design, you can put the competition in its place even before the games start. For this decent price tag, you get a wide array of features, which can take your game to the next level.

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  • Using the proper drivers, you get 7.1 surround sound
  • Superb mic quality
  • Extreme comfort
  • Braided cord for longevity
  • Hard to find the drivers
  • No support for Windows 10

5. Sades Stereo 7.1 Surround Pro USB Gaming Headset

Sades Gaming HeadsetI’m going to be straight here, it’s astonishing how SADES has managed to roll out so many high-quality headsets for under $50. This one is another such piece of quality.

With quality manufacturing and impressive sound levels, this headset features USB connectivity with your computer. Along with that, the player gets a remote control for volume and mic adjustment mid game. The price tag for these is just too good; the headset is recommended for everyone who wants to get a leverage on the enemy team.

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  • 7.1 Surround sound, with proper drivers
  • Great value for money
  • Noise cancellation
  • Remote control for volume and mic
  • Although wrapped, the cord tends to tangle
  • Conflicting drivers

6. SADES AW50 USB Stereo Gaming Headset

AW50 Stereo Gaming HeadsetWith the futuristic design of this headset, Sades is helping us take a look into future. The NDFEB High Magnetic Driver Units provide us with crystal clear sound with high fidelity allowing us position precision in each of our matches. With such an awesome price tag, this headset gives an extremely comfortable fit and a great deal of adjustments.

With noise cancelling ear cups, leave the world behind and really punish the players on your enemy team. Just connect the headset through the USB port, install the apt drivers and get your game on.

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  • Comfortable fit
  • High quality microphone
  • Superb noise cancellation
  • No ‘seashell effect’ like many others
  • No console compatibility
  • Sound bleeds out of the headset

7. SADES SA 933

SA 933 Gaming HeadsetI really like the mechanical design on this one. SADES kicks the price tag up a notch, but still keeping the quality high and making it worth your money. This is the 2016 updated design with surround sound effect along with Led Light effects. The new feature on this is the 4D physical vibration, giving you an immersive experience and the feel of grenade going off in your surroundings.

The microphone design is simpler and easier to handle, making sure that you commands are clearly communicated to your teammates. And yeah, the SA933 don’t come with cushions they come with leather earmuffs offering a heightened level of comfort.

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  • Xhamme Updated 4D vibration
  • Shocking Sound
  • Superb Comfort
  • Compatibility with laptops, PC and Macs
  • No console compatibility
  • Driver compatibility is a hassle

8. SADES SA 926

SA 926 Gaming HeadsetThings are starting to heat up. With the SA926 SADES, you can really take your game to the next level. With superior sound isolation, you can go on for hours without even knowing what’s going around you.

One of the very few headsets that has console compatibility, so you can game on whatever platform and still get the best quality audio. Also, the softness of the earmuffs comforts you even in the harshest of the battles. With a relatively higher price tag, you get premium design and superb sound quality.

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  • Acoustic Positioning Precision
  • Metal Structure Design
  • Console Compatibility
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Inconsistent performance across platforms
  • Mic Echoes

9. GW SADES SA 926

GW SA 926 Gaming HeadsetBuilding upon the previous build, the GW variant adds compatibility for your phones, tablets, notebooks and computers. The version comes with a nominal price, which is beyond phenomenal for this quality.

You get exemplary comfort with all the contact points covered in soft material to enhance the comfort. Superb noise cancellation coupled with the mic in this headset, makes up for one hell of an experience. No Seashell effect, the sound is delivered to you as it is meant to be.

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  • Soft & Durable Mic
  • Ear-cup design for superior noise cancellation
  • Superior comfort
  • Strong Bass
  • Extra adapter required for first gen xbox controller.
  • Bad performance on the PS4.

10. A60 Gaming Headset

A60 Gaming HeadsetA60 makes a final entry on this list with a really futuristic design. Priced reasonably, the A60 headset makes sure that you don’t only get the leverage you need but the leverage you deserve on the other team.

The headset comes with a 7.1 channel surround sound effect for PC with flashing lights for dramatic effect (insert dramatic music here). With the vibration you get to fully immerse in your game and feel what is blowing up around you.

With the ventilate protein ear cushions, your ears won’t get hot or start to sweat, making you uncomfortable during your battle. We all know, you can’t take a break during an online match. The A60 also comes with a retractable mic which is capable of absorbing sounds from all around you making the communication that more effective.

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  • Quality comparable to Beats
  • Superb value for money
  • Extraordinary bass
  • Beautiful Design
  • Braided Cable
  • Muffled audio from the mic at times
  • Inconsistent performance

Going for a gaming headset, you are faced with a whole lot of options in the market. Sades has made it very easy for us to sift through the plethora and get good quality headsets. These days, many brands have tried to make high price synonymous with high quality, but Sades has gone ahead and proved them all wrong. Just make sure that you have your requirements figured out and you’ll definitely find something good for you.


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